Titan Poker Bonus Code 2013: GR500 - Get A €2000 Bonus

Titan Poker now offers a bonus of 200% up to a maximum of €2000 on initial deposits.

  1. Download the Titan Poker software here.
  2. Create your account and use the bonus code as written in the image below.Titan Poker Bonus Code
  3. Deposit the amount you want to double. (Maximum €2000)
  4. Enjoy some poker games! The bonus is release while you play.

That's it!

Titan Poker offer new players a 200% sign-up bonus up to £2000. In order to take advantage of this offer you must go to the Titan Poker website, download and install their software. When you sign up with Titan Poker, you must use the bonus code GR500 in order to get the best sign up bonus. If you fail to fill in the bonus code at the enrollment you will lose the opportunity. You can't use a bonus code once you are already registered so make sure to use it during sign-up.

About Titan Poker

Founded in 2005, Titan Poker is the flagship of the iPoker network. The iPoker network was started in 2004 and there are a number of licensed skins that all uses the same software and backend. The owners and marketers of iPoker are Playtech and Titan Poker is their skin on the network. iPoker will not accept U.S. players, but despite this fact it peaks at around 65K players on average days, all playing with real money. Out of those 65K there are around 9900 players who play cash games and the rest play tournaments. This means that Titan Poker, together with all the other skins on the network will be the third most visited poker room in the world. But most players on the iPoker-based sites are in Europe and this means that the hours with most players will only be between 18.00-00.00 GMT.

What distinguishes the different skins from each other is first and foremost the various support and the various small campaigns that can be found. But overall this is the same across the entire iPoker network. It can be good and know that rakeback is not allowed on iPoker so if you encounter any rakeback offer you must see it for what it is - a business that is done under the table by shady dealers.

Without exaggerating, Titan Poker has the best support you can find on iPoker and actually in the entire online poker world. They offer you live chat, email and phone support around the clock and very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They are clear and help you in record time. The Titan Poker promotions, on the other hand, are less impressive. At first glance, they seem really impressive, but then you see that most of their bonuses and freerolls are almost impossible to cash in or win. Their guaranteed tournaments and freerolls could have been more generous prize pools. What saves iPoker and their flagship Titan Poker when it comes to promotions is their VIP program and Sit'n'Go jackpots - these are very good and advantageous.

The software that Titan Poker uses is very good and belongs to the top thatnks to the 3D graphics; it has a sleek and clean design. Unfortunately you can’t adapt it to your own taste enough in order to give it top marks, but it nevertheless deserves very good grades. The standard of competition is quite okay (not too good) and the fees are reasonable. There is a wide selection of Sit'n'Go tables, Jackpot tables and beginner tables. The programs of scheduled tournaments could have been better and more comprehensive in its content. The range of poker games could also have been greater, and mixed games that are so much fun is missing at iPoker.

Despite their downs, Titan Poker is a very solid poker room with an even feel of quality throughout the product. With the proper functioning of the poker client, a lot of players to play against and the best support in the business, Titan Poker is a must try. We promise you that you will not be disappointed unless you're a player from the U.S. or are looking for rakeback and mixed games.


Titan Poker Bonus Code

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Titan Welcomes Sorel Mizzi as Leader of Team Titan

Titan Poker has added yet another player to Team Titan, the newest addition is 24 year old Sorel Mizzi who is going to be the new leader of the Team Titan players.  He has won over $1.5 million dollars in tournaments so far in his poker career. He plays at Titan Poker as “Imper1um” and has won over $700,000 dollars in online tournaments at Titan Poker to date.  In addition to joining the team he is also going to start an exclusive blog for Titan. In his blog he will be telling about his activities and sharing his stories as a professional poker player.  He is going to be representing Titan Poker all over the world. Some of the upcoming events he is going to be participating in are the Euro City Poker Tour in Barcelona, the Irish Open and European Poker Tour events. As the leader of Team Titan he will also provide the rest of the team with annual training before major tournaments.  He is also going to be playing in bounty’s and other tourneys at Titan and if you manage to knock him out you will receive a prize. In order to play you have to join and don't forget to put in your bonus code to get the best return on your deposit.