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Titanpoker-bonus-code.co.uk is a poker affiliate enterprise that specializes in Titan Poker codes and promotions. Targeting a specific poker room makes way for a very targeted service for a very qualitative clientele. This site attracts the right kind of site visitors and the site visitors get the exact kind of information they are looking for.

We, the team behind titanpoker-bonus-code.co.uk, are a gang of of passionate poker players that absolutely love Titan Poker. We want to guide players to get as much as possible out of playing at Titan Poker. By presenting our clients with the best deals for the said poker room, we feel that we accomplish exactly that.


Titan Poker Bonus Code

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Titan Welcomes Sorel Mizzi as Leader of Team Titan

Titan Poker has added yet another player to Team Titan, the newest addition is 24 year old Sorel Mizzi who is going to be the new leader of the Team Titan players.  He has won over $1.5 million dollars in tournaments so far in his poker career. He plays at Titan Poker as “Imper1um” and has won over $700,000 dollars in online tournaments at Titan Poker to date.  In addition to joining the team he is also going to start an exclusive blog for Titan. In his blog he will be telling about his activities and sharing his stories as a professional poker player.  He is going to be representing Titan Poker all over the world. Some of the upcoming events he is going to be participating in are the Euro City Poker Tour in Barcelona, the Irish Open and European Poker Tour events. As the leader of Team Titan he will also provide the rest of the team with annual training before major tournaments.  He is also going to be playing in bounty’s and other tourneys at Titan and if you manage to knock him out you will receive a prize. In order to play you have to join and don't forget to put in your bonus code to get the best return on your deposit.